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Other Sports/Destinations

Other Sports/Destinations

Alternative Tour If you can’t find what you are looking for and require an alternative sport or destination that is…

Hockey > Long Haul > India

India – Hockey

A Hockey tour to India usually consists of the ‘Golden Triangle’ travelling between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. A chance to…

Netball > Long Haul > Malaysia/Singapore

Malaysia / Singapore- Netball

A Netball tour to Malaysia/ Singapore provides a vibrant multi-cultural experience. Singapore is a bustling cosmopolitan City that offers a…

Netball > Long Haul > Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Netball

A netball tour to Sri Lanka is a very good long haul option. Netball is quite popular on the island…

Football > Long Haul > Barbados

Barbados – Football

A football tour to Barbados is the most popular Caribbean option for our football groups. Football in Barbados, like much…

Hockey > Long Haul > Barbados

Barbados – Hockey

A hockey tour to Barbados is a good long haul option. There’s a recently refurbished astro at the Garfield Sobers…

Netball > Long Haul > Barbados

Barbados – Netball

A netball tour to Barbados is a brilliant choice! Netball is central to sporting life for lots of girls and…

Hockey > Long Haul > Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Hockey

A hockey tour to Sri Lanka is a good long haul option, especially when combined with other sports such as…

Rugby > Long Haul > Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Rugby

A rugby tour to Sri Lanka is an excellent long haul option! Second only to Japan, Sri Lanka is the…

Cricket > Long Haul > UAE

Dubai – Cricket

A cricket tour to Dubai offers three key ingredients that have earned Dubai a growing reputation as one of the…

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