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Football > European Tour > France

Paris – Football

A football tour to Paris offers competitive fixtures with seasons, standard and ability levels similar to that of the UK.…

Rugby > European Tour > UK

Belfast – Rugby

A rugby tour to Belfast is easily accessible by ferry or regional airports. Belfast is a vibrant cultural hub on…

Rugby > European Tour > Ireland

Dublin – Rugby

A rugby tour to Dublin offers competitive rugby fixtures and together with the variety of off-field activities your rugby tour…

Rugby > European Tour > Portugal

Portugal – rugby

A rugby tour to Portugal offers warm weather, an abudance of spectacular beaches and a fast developing club rugby scene…

Rugby > European Tour > Holland

Holland – Rugby

A rugby tour to Holland offers great hospitality with rugby developing and growing in the country and standard and ability…

Ski > European Tour > Andorra


A ski tour to Andorra Andorra is a small, independent principality situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains.…

Hockey > European Tour > Holland

Holland – Hockey

A hockey tour to Holland offers great hospitality and competitive games with a range of standard and ability levels similar…

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